Ford Transit/Custom Steering Rack  


Condition:  New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging

Reference OE/OEM Number:   2388932, 2225030, 2116488, 2013360, 2009752, 2004584, 1868875, 1842791, 1787357, 1763988, KK363504BA, GK313200BE, GK313200BD, GK313200BC, BK313200DG, BK313200DF, BK313200DE, BK313200DD, BK313200DC, BK313200DB


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Enhance Performance with Ford Transit/Custom Steering Rack from OMS Auto Parts

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your Ford Transit or Ford Transit Custom Van, OMS Auto Parts is your trusted partner. Our specialized expertise lies in providing top quality auto parts, and we take pride in offering a wide range of components tailored for Ford vehicles. Exploring the MK8 2014-Present Ford Transit, our collection includes the exceptional Ford Transit Steering Rack. Crafted for precision, this steering rack ensures a seamless driving experience, enhancing control and maneuverability. With OMS Auto Parts, you’re accessing a dependable solution.

Elevate Control: The Ford Transit/Custom Steering Rack

Navigate the road confidently with the 2016-Present Ford Transit Custom and Mk8 2014-Present Ford Transit Steering Rack. Engineered to deliver refined handling, this steering rack optimizes your Ford Transit Custom Van’s control. Count on OMS Auto Parts to provide a reliable and efficient solution.

Diverse Range of Ford Transit and Transit Custom Van Parts

Our selection extends beyond steering racks. From brake systems to suspension components, OMS Auto Parts offers a comprehensive array of Ford Transit/Custom parts. Elevate your vehicle’s performance with our high quality offerings.

Swift Delivery Across Ireland or In Store Collection

Experience convenience with our swift delivery service spanning Ireland, including Meath, Wexford, Monaghan, Sligo, Kildare, and Waterford. OMS Auto Parts ensures your ordered components reach you promptly. Alternatively, visit our Cork City or Buncrana Co. Donegal stores for in person collection. Discover unparalleled excellence with OMS Auto Parts. Elevate your Ford Transit or Ford Transit Custom Van’s performance with our quality MK8 2014-Present Ford Transit and 2016-Present Ford Transit Custom Steering Racks. Embrace a smoother driving experience while enjoying our swift delivery or in store pickup options. Your journey towards enhanced vehicle performance begins with OMS Auto Parts.